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 paper wings

Paper mache, paper clay, mixed media 

Available frames


Gold Dawn with Yellow Flower

approx 6.5"x8.5"x 5"

Dream Weaver


approx 7"x9.5"x 4.5"

Pearl essence (7)_edited.jpg

Pearl Essence


A Christmas Delight (2).jpg

Christmas Delight


Framed Assemblage Art

 The Assemblage Art Frames are made from fragments that span generations.   I have accumulated these pieces over the years from antique stores and such, but many of the bits have been given to me from generous family and friends. I couldn’t be more grateful.  (I have tried to honor the essence of each piece, as they were most likely a treasure to their previous owner).  Genuine Swarovski crystals, quality glass gems and fine jewelry are used.  Some bits were hard to part with (some I didn’t 😊), but they bring more joy displayed than stashed away in a box.

Past frames

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