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About Me and My Baubles Jar

My name is Lisa Ananich Freeland. I create one-of-kind art dolls. I primarily work with air dry clay when creating figurative art pieces. Each is hand crafted without the use of molds. Making art dolls is my preferred creative outlet. I enjoy assemblage art and painting as well. My latest endeavor is to combine these mediums to create a new (to me) and exciting body of work.

I currently reside in central Indiana, with  my roots in Michigan. I have been creating figurative art dolls of some nature for over 23 years. I enjoy the challenge of creating the image that forms in my mind (really, they nag at me until they are accomplished). With the vast amount of information available on the internet, I have studied some incredible artists. I am continuously inspired to reach higher levels of personal achievements in the art of doll making and beyond. You can find me on Facebook at LM Freeland Creations.

If you are interested in purchasing an available item or a custom piece, please contact me.  Shipping costs apply. Tax is 7%.   Visa, MC, Venmo, Zelle accepted.

Art dolls:  

  Bottle dolls: $135. '

  Ribbon jointed dolls:  $425. 

  Full body sculpts:  $525. 

Assemblage Art Frames: $65.

Furniture:   Custom work available 

add 7% tax and shipping (if applicable) 

 "My Baubles" is a place to store my virtual things!  

I have kept photo journals of my projects and I wanted a place to organize and share!  I have a lot of content to add, so this site is definitely a project -in- progress.  For now, I present to you, my current completed work.

Thanks for visiting!  More to come...💙 Lisa

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