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The (de)construction of "A Black-Tie Affair" assemblage art frame

Once a collection has become apparent, such as a full baubles jar,

and a frame has been prepared, the assemblage process begins.

Here, I am cleaning some of the pieces as I do my initial assembling. (Every piece will have been cleaned and trimmed of findings by the end of the whole process.)


While putting the tree together some of the things I consider are:

The shape, its relationship to the frame, balance of color and balance of weight. I come out with rough draft, something like this.

I wanted to bring a sense of movement, as if she were dancing, with wavy diagonals. The muted colors are carried throughout, as is the textures of pearl and silver. Black, as a contrast, is evenly presented and a bright red statement adds to the heart of the overall piece.

Take a photo.


Then, I begin the deconstruction-

removing the top layer of “fill-in” bits and take a photo.

Remove another layer, keeping them in order as I remove them. Take a photo.


This tree needed to be lifted near the top to level it with the large charm bracelet of bells near the bottom. Decorative glass stone pieces worked well as filler.


Now at the end, you know right where to begin!

Start with adhering your base pieces to the frame glass. Be sure to shine your glass and all your bits as you go. If you remembered to take a photo after each step you need only to follow your photo plan to reconstruction!

Trim and place your pieces deliberately, patiently allowing the glue to setup between each layer. Make sure pieces are tight and secure. The only movement should be those that are intentional, such as the dangling pearls.


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Feb 22, 2022

I'm in 🥰 ty for sharing your creative process!!!

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